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------------------- - MASH Script README - -------------------

[ChangeLog for 0.1.9] - This README is new ;-) - Fixed some bugs in dumping system - Someone over the net told me that my script is "white", so I've created a "dark" version, so now yo can choose what colors do you want (I like this dark version more than the older now) ;-) - some minor improvements

[Installation] - First unzip and untar the script file, I'm sure you have done it already ;-) - Run Kvirc. - Choose |Settings| -> |Load a script| - Load The main script (for example: mashscript_main_019.kvs) - If you don't like the default colors and backgrounds, Load a theme in the same directory as the main script. - Enjoy it!

[Contact] - Homepage of the MASH script: - Mash mail: - Over the IRC: Efnet-> #kvirc,#kde Undernet-> #linux,#kvirc> #si.amanece,#linux

[Thanks] - First of all, thanks to the Kvirc author (pragma), and to everybody that contributes to kvirc, GOOOOOOD WORK GUYS!! ;-) - To all the #si.amanece people, for paying huge late-night phone bills like me, specially piko and markohs for beta testing (Makih, kaitoh & company, I won't say your names xDD) - The #kde people in efnet (Kbird has his own Kick&Ban) :-) - Every one that uses this script - Every one that uses Linux - Every one in the world! - Every one in this dimension!!!