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News for May 18, 1999





MASH script 0.2 is out!

I finalized this version a lot of time ago, and finally I've decided to put it here, although the new version of Kvirc is coming... This version will be the last using Kvirc 0.9.0, the 0.3 version will be "Kvirc 1.0.0 compliant" (lol), using the new syntax, functions and commands, much more powerful now. This is a Lite Version, you'll have to have installed 0.1.9 version for the themes support.

ChangeLog for 0.2:

  • Improved Away system: Pager, gone for ... more random reasons
  • Last Channels Visited list improved.
  • Now settings are easier to change, using a new SETUP alias.
  • Now the "Address control" works!!! I've decided to do it using the cache, but I'm not sure it's a good idea, let the time decide...
  • Some New Aliases
  • As usual, minor improvements and bug fixes (live is a hole bug :-)

Get it here

Ingeni0 Script!

There's another script (I like it) that has is based (a little bit) in my script, go try it!! oh! and it's in spanish :))

Hay otro script que me gusta, y esta basado minimamente en el mio, esta en español y lleva mucccha guerra, bajatelo! :)



News for April 3, 1999 





MASH script 0.1.9 is out!

ChangeLog for 0.1.9:

  • The things have changed a bit, I've added themes support, because someone told me in #kde that my script was too "white", so now there are a couple of themes, and the lite version is much more small.
  • Some minor fixes

Get it here



News for April 1, 1999 





MASH script 0.1.8 is out!

ChangeLog for 0.1.8:

  • A simple shell. 
  • A file viewer (text files). 
  • Improved Program executions. 
  • Channel dumpings. 
  • Massive dumps for channels and queries, try it!! 

Get it here.



News for March 22, 1999 





MASH script 0.1.7 is out!

I know I said that I wasn´t going to release this version, because of kvirc 1.0.0, but I've heared that Pragma is gonna wait for qt 2.0 to release kvirc, so here you are, there are some new things including:

  • I've changed the colors and some backgrounds. 
  • Now you can configure what you see when you are named in a channel. 
  • Random away reasons. 
  • Improved away. 
  • The scripts now shows the time at o'clock and :30 
  • Clone scan when somebody enters the channel
  • Whois when you or others enter a channel 

Get it here



News for March 20, 1999 





Designing a new color scheme

I haven't started to write the 0.1.6 version of my script yet, because I don't know much about the possible changes in Kvirc (please please, tell us pragma :-), but I've redesigned the color scheme and the fonts for the script to make them 'something definitive', I usually do those things using HTML, so I can put this table here.

And remember, I need suggestions, if you want something added in the script, contact with me, it's free!!

The new color and fonts scheme (a new background too, according to this web). You can send me an E-mail if you like it ;-P

Joining a channel










o Channel Protections


- MassKick protection


- MassKick protection


- Flood protection


o Miscellaneous


- Script Sounds:


- Clone scan on join:


- On named









 Usage: /SCAN <address>

On named

[Makih : #si.amanece]

 You'd better watch out, Mash

A simple message of the script

o The sound is on

o MassDeop detected

Your text here



News for March 19, 1999 





Added a link

Added the Disillusion Script for Kvirc link, there is another scripter who has chose a good program to make a script, in fact, I think that he chose it before I did :-) 



News for March 16, 1999 





New Design!

As you can see, the page has been redesigned, while I was waiting for the new version of Kvirc to appear, and because I didn't want to start adding a lot of things yet, (I don't want to re-do the entire script when 1.0.0 comes out). 



News for March 5, 1999 





MASH script 0.1.5 is out!

These are some of the features of MASH script:

  • Better appearance, cool sounds too. 
  • Kvirc tells you if someone has called your name. 
  • Better Away system. 
  • Mirc's most common aliases. 
  • Port Scan (You will need Nmap for now) 
  • Quick access to the latest channels visited. 
  • Revenge Kick (kicks the one that last kicked you) 
  • Clones Protection. 
  • Flooders, massdeops, massbans ... protection.